3 Phase is the creation of three like- minded individuals that love the creative side of music. Burl Begley comes from a back ground where he played the local Detroit scene as a member of a top 40 cover band. Unable to express his creativity, he longed to write his own music. Burl contacted his close friend Scott Knuth. Scott is a skilled and creative drummer formerly a member of the band Life in August. He was a perfect fit for such an endeavor. Scott introduced Burl to James Haas, former guitarist from the bands Oddlid, Ghostyle, and the Busted Puppets. Together the three of them formed 3 Phase, a high energy three piece rock band. 

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Inspired by a wide range of music genres, 3 Phase simply writes what they feel. They love to coin the phrase " Just do what you do." This freedom is a major part of their creative process and unity as a band.

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